Standard Version
The Standard Version of the Patient Exerperience Platform includes patient access to on-demand movies and patient education. Patients can navigate the system with ease using our handheld device (which works with your existing nurse-call system). Hospitals can select from our library of over 1000 titles based on what you educate patients most on in your organization.

The hospital can also make a selection from our Hollywood content for your on-demand section. All movies are pre-edited for content and are acceptable for use within hospitals. Magnet Health maintains a contract with Swank Healthcare in order to provide hospitals with the latest titles from major studios.

Enterprise Version
The Enterprise Version includes the options from our standard version with some major additions. Below are the list of options within the Enterprise Version

  • HIS Integration
  • Dietary Integration
  • Patient Personalization
  • Pain Alerts
  • Education tracking for JCAHO

HIS Integration
Magnet Health integrates with your HIS system in order to provide additional features to the Hospital. HIS Integration allows nurses to 'prescribe' educational orders from their workstation. Nurses also have the ability to view reports showing that patients have completed the education which satisfies JCAHO needs.

Dietary Integration
With our Dietary Integration this enables patients to order meals from their bed within our application. Patients are presented meal options based on the time of day the enter the menu. Our system shows patients only the foods they are allowed based on dietary restrictions set within your HIS

Patient Personalization
Part of the HIS Integration allows the patients name to be displayed on their Television. This gives a more personalized feeling to your patients giving them the assurance of a higher level of patient care. Prescribed education also follows the patient wherever they may be transferred to within the hospital.

Pain Alerts
The Patient Experience Platform has a messaging system built into it which allows your organization to track pain alerts. Users can select from an on-screen visual chart for pain alerts which are then stored to that patient. Your organization can track patients pain over the duration of their stay which allows you to address the care and comfort you are providing that patient.

For more information on the Patient Experience Platform please email us.