Patient Empowerment Platform. The Magnet Health Patient Empowerment Platform is an Interactive patient system which provides the patient with bedside entertainment, information and communcation.

This platform is designed to increase staff efficiency, reduce costs and increase staff motivation.

RFID. Location management and tracking of your organization's assets can help lower your operating costs. MagNet Health can provide you with a full range of Radio Frequency Identification solutions.

Barcoding and Mobile Communications Devices.
Integrated voice, data capture and communications on a single device gives your staff the necessary tools to provide high quality and improved responsiveness to patient care.

Wireless Internet. We can provide your hospital with a wireless system that acts as a hospital wide information portal,enabling staff the use of mobile devices for critical communications. Simultaneously you can allow your patrons wireless internet connectivity.

Infrastructure. MagNet Health can provide a revolutionary and inexpensive backbone infrastructue to help your organization with the deployment of clinical applications and devices.

Patient Education. Magnet Health can provide your organization with educational material for your staff and patients. Choose from our library of over 1000 titles. Click Here for some samples.

What Services do we offer?
Below is a brief list of the services that Magnet Health offers. Click each link for more in-depth information.